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Rapid Transformation Coaching for Men

(and the women who love them)

It is time for men to connect to their personal power so they can be a light to each other, their loved ones, and the world.


Step into your next level of personal success by clearing internal blocks to higher levels of performance and see near-term and immediate results.

Recent Client Success


Experience an innovative form of coaching that utilizes a proven process to release constricted energy within the mind and body.

This newly transformed energy flow enhances the client’s ability to unlock personal potential, to perform at higher levels, and achieve personal goals.


JA |  Coaching Client

Cleared an energy block in his throat related to a belief about not being able to speaking his thoughts to his boss, and now he is stepping up into greater levels of leadership at work as a result of sharing his truth with his direct leadership. He also activated his heart space and is walking in a greater sense of love and connection with others.

RB |  Coaching Client

Cleared stuck energy in his neck that was holding him back in his health and at work. He has since joined a weight loss health challenge and is stepping into greater levels of personal healing and leadership at work.

RN |  Coaching Client

Cleared energy related to addiction and has been addiction free for months and is now stepping into greater levels of public leadership in his spirituality. He is also noticing constant blessings flowing his way that demonstrate he is on the right path.

LV |  Coaching Client

Cleared past trauma from the military that had him living like a shell of his real self, and now he is feeling much lighter and more peaceful. He is now able to move forward and address emotional work around recent loss he has suffered in life.

Conrad Hall and Karen Smith – Endorsement Video
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I’ve created a custom program and one-on-one coaching to accelerate men’s progress toward empowering themselves in every area of their lives.

Why Performance Power Coaching for Men?


In general, men suffer in silence and question themselves at deep levels, with no one witnessing their truth or their hearts. This lack of connection drives men deeper into isolation and causes them to build walls around their hearts to survive the daily grind.

Even worse, men suffer from masculine peer shame, meaning their family members, coworkers, or friends place pressure on them to perform or risk being made fun of or emasculated for not measuring up on some level.

When your own gender brings additional pressure to perform, it feels like there is no safe place to go with masculine emotions, and this emotional isolation leads to deeper suffering for men. This spiral downward can create various levels of depression, from a numb feeling to a deep pain.

Also, it impacts a man’s ability to perform at his highest level at work and to connect deeply to safe sources of love, including spiritual, masculine, and feminine love.

When men wall off their emotions to survive, it prevents genuine love from entering and compromises their mental health. More specifically, it hinders their success in romantic relationships, their work performance, and their ability to connect with family and friends at deeper emotional levels.

I have a passion to empower men, because I see the isolation they feel emotionally as a result of disassociating from their hearts, leading to a lack of deep connection and unactualized potential in all facets of life.

It’s my goal to uncover their blocks and release their innate inner strength leading to personal empowerment on all levels.


OUR work together begins in connection through my group program and 1:1 coaching founded in my rapid transformation process. My program works with small private groups of committed men who are ready to rise above the disempowering subculture and ascend to their highest self.

“My specific neuropathways that rehearsed those destructive thought patterns are gone. They simply don’t fire in my brain anymore! I feel like a burden has lifted.”

K.S.  |  Decatur, AL

“Since our session, sales have NEVER been like they are now. I’ve had to hire four new employees because we landed a new million dollar account!”

C.B. | Anderson, IN

Performance Power Coaching Podcast with Luke Brasel – LMFT
“Men and Shame”

Stay connected to empowering information for men from Leslie A. Butler

Learn how energy in the mind and body gets “stuck”

Rapidly transform stuck energy through Performance Power Coaching

“Leslie and I did a 1-on-1 timeline shift meditation starting from my childhood. During this guided meditation it allowed me to set myself free from a negative past experience, shifting it into a positive experience. The forgiveness of my younger self and my parents really brought ease and light in my heart.” – KT

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