During this time of transition, I want you to be able to access EVERYTHING YOU NEED for a successful job search!


Watch the video and scroll down to learn about some incredible resources.


I’ve spent four years, and I’ve invested between $10K – $15K of my personal money, working to bring accessible, affordable career coaching materials through my Ideal Career Membership program.

Now, I’m shifting direction because of the current needs in the job market. Instead, I have invested additional money to make sure you have exactly what you need to succeed during this time of transition. These proven job searching resources I have put together will benefit you far beyond this temporary time of employment uncertainty!

I’m literally giving you access to my personal tools and the secrets to job searching success that I’ve mastered and use with my coaching clients. — Leslie


Here is what you get access to inside this new Membership containing my personal stash of job searching tools and secrets:

  1. My Plug and Play Résumé Template – already designed for the psychology of how a resume is reviewed and to get it through even the oldest applicant tracking system with all of its quirks; and Sample Résumé – using my ATS-proof format for reference so you know what good looks like
  2. My Résumé Keyword Enhancement Document – that tells you exactly how to make sure your résumé matches the qualifications in each job description you are targeting
  3. My Cover Letter Template and Example – built for ATS’s to help you rank higher as a match to their job description, as some ATS’s will scan cover letters for keywords
  4. My Ideal Career Discovery and Search Plan – so you can follow a step-by-step plan mapping your way through your job search toward success
  5. My 17 Career Search Tactics Done Right! Checklist and Email Explanation Series – providing some additional must-have tactics for your job search
  6. My Recruiter Contact Template – so you know what to say when reaching out to a Recruiter the first time increasing your chances for a response
  7. My LinkedIn ATS/Tip Sheet – that tells you step-by-step exactly what to do with your LinkedIn Profile to increase your chances of Recruiters finding you
  8. My LinkedIn Profile Summary “About” Section Template – which tells you exactly how to write the About Section on your LinkedIn Profile, which gets scanned by LinkedIn when Recruiters are searching for candidates
  9. My Interview “Best Practices” and “Answer Methods” Sheet – with structured answer format and answer example so you know exactly how you should be responding to behavior-based interview questions
  10. AND, FREE BONUS: My Top Interview Questions and Answer Links Sheet – so you can start practicing the most commonly used interview questions with your new method


My regular clients pay hundreds of dollars to work with me so I can do ALL of this for them, and coach them through their unique challenges. BUT, you’re in a unique time right now, and you need to know how to do this for yourself!


The Emergency Membership is available for a limited time at $97.

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Why am I giving away all of my secrets for only $97.00 when I’ve already invested thousands of dollars? Because I believe specific people in our country need this right now. This is my gift to you.

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