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The 5Ps include:

  • Passions: Complete the 3 Passions Discovery exercises to learn about what you are most passionate, what you are a natural at doing, and how to use both in your search to find a career you will love. Value = $300

  • Personas: Identify two of your own Personas standing in your way and holding you back in the career process, and use my technique to transmute that bad energy into something that works for you. Value = $600

  • Paths: Learn how to strategically adjust your résumé to your top three career path options so you’re always ready to apply for your ideal position. Make the adjustments to the résumé. Value = $250

  • Plan: Create a Career Search Plan including the right elements so you can launch in the right direction with steps to follow along the way to achieve your goals. Value = $150

  • Personality: Identify your personality style and determine what type of career is right for you. Learn how to read your own assessments and apply them to your self-discovery, career search, and interview process for a targeted approach and fantastic first impression. Learn how to quickly determine the personality of the interviewer and how you can easily adjust to speak his or her language to create the “liking” persuasion factor (based on full DISC profile). Learn where to go online to get one of the best and inexpensive career and personality tests that I have used, and personally use with my clients (DISC Full Career Profile). Value = $300


The 5Rs include:

  • Résumé: Résumé Coaching Seminar Video, everything you need to know from A to Z to create a résumé that will grab the hiring manager’s attention so you can land an interview. Value = $300

  • Recite: 30 second elevator pitch format to answer the question, “Tell me a little about yourself,” or “Tell me what you do.” This is the number one question that interviewers use early in the interview to analyze you. This format makes answering this question easy and sets a positive tone for the rest of the conversation building a connection and persuasive “liking factor.” Value = $100

  • Resonate: Voice: 4 Vocal Coaching Audios on how to confidently use your voice during an interview so you can build trust with the interviewer increasing your chances of advancing. Value = $250

  • Readiness: Career Search Readiness Training Seminar Video, all the things you need to think about other than your résumé so you can stay in the running through the entire interview process and make a great impression. Value = $350

  • Respond: Bonus Freebie! – List of links I have personally chosen to the Best Interview Questions Online to help you prepare and know how to answer when asked. Gain respect for delivering solid answers.

The Ideal Career by Leslie A. Butler Membership will give you access to all materials via a link to my online learning management system. Once you purchase the Membership of your choice, you will receive an email opt-in, followed by the email link. Just log in and go!


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