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1.) (5) 50-minute virtual sessions with me where I will step you through the entire Ideal Career Discovery and Search processes (to be used within 8 weeks). Value = $800

2.) Ideal Career by Leslie A. Butler Membership access to all Ideal Career Discovery and Search materials on my online learning management system. Value = $2600

3.) My Résumé Plug Play format Word document with Sample completed résumé based on keywords and specifically structured for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) so you’ll rank higher in the applicant pool; and formatted for the psychology of how a hiring manager reads a resume. Value = $350

4.) My LinkedIn / ATS Tip Sheet to help support your continued job search success. It contains strategies on optimizing your presence on LinkedIn so Recruiters can find you; PLUS a way to scan your resume against any job description to see what keywords you are missing before you apply online, increasing your chances of ranking higher in the applicant pool. Value = $250

5.) My LinkedIn Profile Summary Section Sample / Template to help support Recruiter contact success. It contains Search Engine Optimization for your LinkedIn Profile Summary Section. Once my clients utilize this information, they report doubling and even tripling their recruiter views and contacts! This is how MANY of my clients have gotten their new jobs! Value = $500